Following is a list of reputable California rotational molding companies with whom I’ve worked over the years. Please click on any of the following companies for further contact information. Feel free to contact me at 330-322-8707 to discuss which rotational molding company is best qualified for your project. I’ve also put together a list of suggestions how to select rotational molders.

IRM – Innovative Rotatational Molding Inc.

Madera, CA
A great California rotational molding company who works across all industries from OEM parts to consumer products, such as hot tubs. It is the home of the largest rotational molding machine in North America. Innovative Rotational Molding is run by Dan Humphries. He’s another great guy who has been in this industry for 30+ years.

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Inca Plastics Molding Co., Inc.

Adelanto, CA
A long time molder of RV tanks, wheel wells and accessories. They have been around a long time, therefore they know what the process.

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RMI – Rotatational Molding Inc.

Gardena, CA
One of the original molders in our industry and is predominantly a custom molder of storage tanks, cistern and septic tanks, material handling, agricultural and refuse products.

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Snyder Industries, Inc.

Chowchilla, CA
Snyder Industries has grown and has plants located in many states. They were known primarily for their IBC containers, but have expanded to pallets, utility covers, refuse dumpsters and liquid storage tanks. They are a customer molder as well.

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