solidworks 3d modeling service solidworks modeling contractor

3d modeling services solidworks modeling contractor

SolidWorks Modeling Contractor

The core service at Blue-Reed is acting as SolidWorks modeling contractor or as part of the development of a plastic product design. Be prepared. You’re going to see the phrase 3D solid modeling a lot in this article. Blue-Reed, LLC uses the latest version of SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling software for engineering our 3D solid modeling process in creating 3D models. These 3D solid models can be used to create tool path to machine a mold for any molding process. In rotational molding, blow molding, thermoforming or whatever molding process is used or called for, 3D solid modeling is crucial to get from the start of your idea to the first iteration and successive iterations to the tooling process. Even before that stage, 3D solid modeling is necessary so that the structural integrity of the part or assembly can be checked and verified with FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

About SolidWorks 3D Modeling

How this whole process works, if you’re not familiar with it, is you get the idea and maybe make a sketch on a napkin in a restaurant. I’m hungry. You scan the sketch, email it and I quote it. You accept the quote because it’s a very reasonable price and you like the sound of Blue-Reed because it sounds like Lou Reed, but of course it’s not Lou Reed because he wrote music. He didn’t have the software to do 3D solid modeling. At least if he did, he didn’t tell me. I digress. Anyway, the price is right and we go to work doing our 3d solid modeling thing. Along the way, I’ll send you eDrawings. These are files that allow you to see what the 3D solid modeling software is creating. These files will let you spin the part or assembly around in space so you can see every detail of it. I will send these files to any molder or mold maker that you might have chosen along the way so they can get give their input if necessary.

We can also use the 3D solid modeling software files to send to 3D printers if you want to make a 3D print of your part or assembly. These can be full scale, half scale or any scale you want. If the part is really large or really small, the scale can be manipulated to whatever is needed to get the size of model you desire. After you have approved the model, the file or files will be sent to the proper contacts whether they are a model maker or a tool builder. The 3D solid modeling software also allows us to easily create 2D technical drawings that can be used for documentation and/or be used for inspection to be sure the part that is created is exactly what is wanted. Keep in mind, it doesn’t happen at the click of a button. I still have to manipulate some things and put the views on the screen that are necessary, so give me a few so I can give you what you need. Remember, now is the time to make changes and make sure you have what you want. You don’t want to do it after they start cutting metal or wood. It gets much more expensive to change things after the 3D solid modeling process is over and the chips have started to fly!