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Rotational Molding Design Guidelines Part 1

DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR ROTATIONAL MOLDING Parting Lines When designing your product keep in mind how the mold will open and close around the product. The least expensive, least maintenance mold has two pieces. If your product will require multiple piece molds, you are increasing the chance of wear and flashing due to the operator handling  Continue Reading »

Rotational Molding Design Guidelines Part 2

DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR ROTATIONAL MOLDING Venting Due to gasses that are expelled when the resin cures, a vent hole is required in all molds and therefore products. The size of the vent is dependent upon the volume of the cavity. Formula to determine vent size is 1/2″ i.d.. vent for every cubic yard of volume.  Continue Reading »

Rotational Molding Design Guidelines Part 3

DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR ROTATIONAL MOLDING   The Types of Molds Used In The Rotational Molding Process There are three different types of tooling most commonly used in Rotational molding – Cast Aluminum, CNC Machined Aluminum, Electroformed & Fabricated Sheet Metal. Each type of tooling has it’s own benefits and product design parameters.   Cast Aluminum  Continue Reading »

What is Rotational Molding?

What is Rotational Molding? There are several processes to create plastic parts .. this article goes into depth answering the question “What is Rotational Molding”? . Plastic processes include; injection, blow, thermoforming, compression and extrusion molding processes to name just a few. The rotational molding process is usually thought of as a process for molding  Continue Reading »

Rotational Molders: How to Pick the Right Company for Your Project

Choosing Rotational Molders When looking at rotational molders in deciding what company you want to mold the plastic parts for your project, it comes down to many criteria. We will look at these criteria and examine them to help you get the most desirable outcome. 1. Source rotational molders by geographic location First off, you  Continue Reading »

Rotomolding: A Comparison of Rotomolding to Other Processes

Rotomolding compared to Blow Molding and Twin Sheet Vacuum Form Molding   Rotomolding as a process is typically thought of as a means of creating large hollow parts. Anything from gas tanks for lawnmowers to playground slides to 1000 gal storage tanks. It’s a great molding process, but how does it stack up to other  Continue Reading »

Fiber Optic Sensor Physical Security Systems Distributed From FiberStrike®

Fiber Optic Sensor Physical Security Systems Distributed Why are fiber optic sensor physical security systems distributed the best approach to intrusion prevention? In comparison with coax cables and other more traditional sensor systems, fiber optic cable sensors offer numerous advantages that make them particularly ideal for the stringent requirements of surveillance systems. Here are some  Continue Reading »

A Short yet Effective Guide To Partnering With A Social Media Agency

What is Social Media? By a Social Media Agency Near Me. Social media refers to the network of websites and applications that is used among people to create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities.  Examples of social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn. Don’t know which ones to use?  Continue Reading »

Three Factors that Differentiate QualityIP as an IT Services Provider

Technically, any person who decides they are going to start an IT business can do it. Unlike so many other professions, calling yourself an IT professional does not require a license or a certificate or even passing a test. It is not surprising, therefore, that so many businesses end up disappointed after trying to work  Continue Reading »

How to Find the Best Used Plastic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

Plastic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine There are many different types of blow molding that manufacturers may need to implement at any given time. Extrusion blow molding, spin trimming, and injection blow molding are all services that plastics processing manufacturers will likely offer. The type of blow molding will depend on the final product, part, or  Continue Reading »