Following is a list of reputable Indiana rotational molding companies with whom I’ve worked over the years. Please click on any of the following companies for further contact information. Feel free to contact me at 330-322-8707 to discuss which rotational molding company is best qualified for your project.


Plainfield, IN
Integrity is ran by an old co-worker of mine, Terry Stemple. He’s down to earth, honest and works really hard to keep his customers happy. He’s also one of the owners. Terry knows this process inside and out, so he’s a great problem solver and can run really challanging parts. His pricing is very competitive also. They do a nice job at molding rotomolded parts across all industries. Integrity is a custom rotational molder of storage tanks, POP displays, fuel tanks, control panels, skids and pallets, cases, shrouds, playground equipment, kayaks, and road traffic barriers.

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Bristol, IN
Ameri-Kart is both a rotomolder and thermoformer was purchased by Myers Industries back in 1995. Ameri-kart works quite a bit with the RV and marine industries. These industries use many rotationally molded components, but they offer full custom rotomolding services. They have been around a long time, 25 plus years, and so are very experienced in the process. As mentioned before, thermoforming is offered as another molding process to compliment their arsenal of tools to serve your molding needs.

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Edinburgh, IN
Both a custom rotational molder and fabricator of plastic parts. R&R works across all industries, including the automotive industry, industrial and OEM components and commercial markets. This company additionally offers foam filling of the plastic parts post molding. This is great for added structural strength and for insulation properties it can offer.

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