Following is a list of reputable Michigan rotational molding companies with whom I’ve worked over the years. Please click on any of the following companies for further contact information. Feel free to contact me at 330-322-8707 to discuss which rotational molding company is best qualified for your project.


St. Louis, MI
Custom molder of products for the construction, material handling, marine, toy and R/V industries. They have over 30 years of experience in the rotomolding process, therefore they know what they are doing. They offer router trimming of parts, flame treating of finished parts. Foam filling is offered also, for its structural reinforcement and insulating properties.

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Three60 Roto Corp.

Howell, MI
Another molder that has been around for 25 plus years, therefore they know the process well. Family owned and a custom molder of products across many industries. They offer CNC machining of parts and foam filling as well. This company has experience in hardware assembly as well.

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Midwest Rubber Company

Deckerville, MI
Midwest Rubber Company has been around a long time. They offer quite a selection of processes in addition to rotational molding. These include thermoforming, dip molding, dip coating, slush molding and thermoset rubber molding, therefore many choices. This company was mainly supplying the auto industry, but has branched out to many industries over the years. The medical industry is one of its biggest customers as of now. So being one of the Michigan rotational companies just fills out their resume nicley.

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