The Basis of PEEK Plastics

peek machining
Plastic has evolved tremendously since its first uses in society, and every day, new uses and modifications are discovered. In today’s advanced world, engineered plastics such as PEEK are sought after to replace metals and increase the performance of certain parts. 

PEEK plastic, also known as polyether ether ketone is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer. PEEK plastic is available in blocks, rods, powders, or pellets. Many parts made from PEEK are found in environments where temperature or chemical exposure poses a problem. PEEK plastics are not designed for every day or generic use. They are specially engineered plastics that are designed for very specific applications. 

PEEK plastics can be manufactured in two different ways: PEEK injection molding or PEEK machining. Read on to learn about the two different types of PEEK processing.

Material Specifications & Mechanical Properties of PEEK

    • Easy to fabricate and machine
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Lox toxic gas and smoke emissions
    • Stable at elevated temperatures up to 170°C/338°F 
    • Low moisture absorption
    • Tension resistant 
    • Boiling water and hot steam resistant 
    • Radiation resistant
    • Chemical resistant 

PEEK Injection Molding 

PEEK plastic is processed through an injection molding machine and unique molds to form raw plastic materials into the parts you need. The plastic is melted into the injection molding machine and then into your customized mold. Once the plastic cools and hardens, it’s transformed into a strong and durable plastic part for your project or industry.

For PEEK injection molding Ohio, processing temperatures ideally need to be somewhere between 662°F-752°F. For the best PEEK injection molding process, it is crucial to keep the PEEK plastic clean and dry. If your PEEK plastic is in pellet form, you can dry them on trays that circulate in an oven for 2-3 hours. To keep your PEEK plastic clean, keep any contaminants away during PEEK processing. For the best PEEK injection moulding performance, additives found in PEI plastic can be pre-compounded into PEEK plastic to make it ideal for injection molding.

PEEK CNC Plastic Machining

cnc machined plastic
A PEEK plastic CNC machine
is the second most common type of PEEK processing. CNC, or computer numerical control, is the automated control of machining tools by a computer. CNC machines process materials by following a coded programmed instruction instead of a manual operator.  CNC machined plastic is made by machining in the mass of a plastic block by milling machines with 3 axes with digital control.

PEEK CNC machining is popular because it is the most efficient and economical option for the rapid production of prototypes and plastic models. The automated CNC machine is controlled by a computer that determines the path of the machine cutter according to the 3D file created. No molds are needed in CNC machining, therefore reducing startup time and costs. CNC plastic machining is ideal for parts larger than 600mm.

Moving Forward 

If you know that you are in need of processed PEEK plastic, consider reaching out to PEEK plastic manufacturers. Injection molding companies in Ohio will know exactly how to transform your exact PEEK material into the durable part that you need. Companies that specialize in CNC machined plastic can produce PEEK plastics of larger sizes and in more quantities. No matter what process you decide to choose, contact a custom plastic manufacturer today.