epoxy floor cost

Epoxy Floor Cost

Epoxy floor coatings are durable flooring options for garages. They are tough and aesthetically pleasing floors that can sustain a large amount of foot traffic. A polyaspartic coating can protect the floor against wear and tear, cracking, and chipping. While most people know about the benefits of epoxy flooring, they remain clueless about its overall cost.

The epoxy floor cost can be high or low depending on multiple factors. For example, epoxy flooring with intricate designs may cost more than simpler alternatives because of their unique composition and arrangement. Many other factors figure into the cost of epoxy flooring as well.

What’s Included in an Epoxy Floor Cost?

Installation of an epoxy floor coating may include basic and additional charges like:

  • Material cost
  • Installation cost
  • Labor costs
  • Site preparation costs
  • Repairing and restoration costs (for prior floor damages), etc.

Other factors include:

Epoxy Types

The epoxy flooring cost depends on its type as well as the foot traffic it will need to resist. If your garage’s foot traffic is high, this will be incorporated into the initial specifications of the project. Polyaspartic floor coating can last twenty years or longer even with consistently heavy foot (and paw) traffic.

Area Shape

Sometimes it is fun to have a garage that is uniquely shaped, but unique shapes can make floor installation a little more difficult. A thorough quoting process will note potential obstacles like these and account for them in the proposed project budget.

Materials and Number of Laborers

A transparent quote on the front end of a floor installation project should also indicate estimates for materials cost and the number of people that will be required to get the job done.

How Much Is Epoxy Flooring per Square Foot?

Epoxy flooring can vary in cost based on numerous factors. When looking for a garage floor contractor, make sure you receive a quote that is clear with no fine print. Often, a low cost that is quoted in advertisements ends up significantly higher once warranties and maintenance are added to the mix.

Epoxy Floors Cost: DIY or Professional

Technically, you can add epoxy coatings to your garage floor by yourself, but it is much better to hire a contractor. The DIY process consists of various hidden costs that most people do not add. If it’s counted, the total price will be much higher than professional epoxy floor coating services. You might overspend on unnecessary materials due to a lack of knowledge, or, even worse, you may cause more problems for yourself through that lack of knowledge. There is a reason there are professional floor installers!

If you are interested in a long-lasting, resilient garage floor installation, contact Ohio Garage Interiors. Their unique polyaspartic epoxy coating lasts twenty years or longer, and quotes are 100% transparent, with no surprises later in the project.

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