Finding the best fire rated glass block could be a decision that could save your life. Fire rated glass block is designed to help increase the amount of time it would take for a fire to infiltrate the next area of a building. This fire rated glass block could provide a substantial amount of time that could save your life as well as your assets. 

When starting a project, consider fire rated glass block options to not only create a modern, beautiful design, but also provide extra safety for your home.

Why Should I Use Fire Rated Glass Block?

Regular glass block often has natural properties to help fire spread, however, they are not guaranteed. There are several different types of fire rated glass block options. The most popular fire ratings for glass blocks are 45, 60, and 90 minutes. These fire rated options are available for both glass bricks and glass blocks. 

Choosing a fire rated option will help keep flames, smoke, and heat from moving into different areas of a building, buying the people in the building and firefighters more time in the event of an emergency.

fire rated glass block

Fire Rated Block VS. Glass Block

Fire rated glass block has flame retardant properties but also has properties that can help regulate the internal temperature of your home. Some of the benefits to having fire rated glass windows include extra home security, waterproof properties, non-combustible, increased noise resistance, and better temperature control. Fire rated glass block also does not hinder the amount of light that will come  through your windows. You can also still pick how translucent or transparent you want your windows to be. 

Glass blocks will naturally help with fire spread, however, they will break and not withstand heat for too long. These blocks are lower in cost, but by investing in fire-rated glass blocks, you will be able to secure your home much more effectively.

Designing With Fire Rated Glass Block

Fire-rated glass blocks can be used just like regular glass blocks. Fire-rated glass block often comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The cost of using a fire-rated glass block depends on where you are purchasing your glass block. Different suppliers will have different prices based on how complex the size is, different colors, and other aspects of the block.

If you are interested in getting started with your next glass block project, you will need to find a reputable glass block supplier and installer. Not only will you want to make sure the fire-rated block has been tested, but also that you are getting the most out of your money. Northeast Ohio has several different fire-rated glass block suppliers and installers who are ready to help you. Learn more today abou

fire rated glass block

t how you can find the right supplier for you.