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Highly Effective Questions You Should Be Asking| Dermal Fillers Near Me

What are dermal fillers near me? As we age, our faces go through a natural aging process. Over time, our skin becomes thinner, we gain wrinkles such as smile lines, our skin stretches, and we lose facial volume. Some people will feel that they are aging too early and will want to reverse these effects.  Continue Reading »

How Much Do Epoxy Floors Cost – Everything You Need To Know

Epoxy Floor Cost Epoxy floor coatings are durable flooring options for garages. They are tough and aesthetically pleasing floors that can sustain a large amount of foot traffic. A polyaspartic coating can protect the floor against wear and tear, cracking, and chipping. While most people know about the benefits of epoxy flooring, they remain clueless  Continue Reading »

How a Bus Driver Training Course Protects Drivers and Passengers

The Importance of a Bus Driver Training Program Public transportation drivers and school transportation drivers are responsible for the safety of multiple individuals every day. Bus drivers must be the safest drivers on the road, and that is only possible with a state-of-the-art bus driver training course. In  the state of Ohio, specific certifications and  Continue Reading »

Freelance Product Designer: When is it best to outsource design and development?

When to Choose a Freelance Product Designer Whether the process is Rotomolding, injection, blow or thermoforming, if you have an idea for a new plastic part or an assembly of parts, you will need it designed for any one or all of those processes and a freelance product designer might be a good fit. Despite  Continue Reading »

Why Use ABS Injection Molding for Your Plastic Products

ABS Injection Molding Basics ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a versatile type of thermoplastic and ABS injection molding is popular because of its versatility. The Acrylonitrile brings hardness and resistance to chemicals and heat, Butadiene brings resistance, and Styrene brings strength and a glossy surface. Common products made from ABS and in the ABS injection  Continue Reading »

How to Process PEEK Material | PEEK Injection Molding vs PEEK Machining

The Basis of PEEK Plastics Plastic has evolved tremendously since its first uses in society, and every day, new uses and modifications are discovered. In today’s advanced world, engineered plastics such as PEEK are sought after to replace metals and increase the performance of certain parts.  PEEK plastic, also known as polyether ether ketone is  Continue Reading »

What are The Primary Differences in Injection Molding Plastic Machining

The processes of plastic molding, also known as injection molding, and machining plastic components are very different. How are they different? What process is best for your custom plastic items? Let’s define them first. What is Plastic Injection Molding? Molds, also known as tools, are used for injection molding to produce parts by injecting molten  Continue Reading »

How To Find The Best Fire Rated Glass Block

Finding the best fire rated glass block could be a decision that could save your life. Fire rated glass block is designed to help increase the amount of time it would take for a fire to infiltrate the next area of a building. This fire rated glass block could provide a substantial amount of time  Continue Reading »

The Immediate Benefit of Buying Used Injection Molding Equipment

Everybody knows there are lags right now in the industrial world. In fact, there are lags everywhere you go. Shipping is lagging. Raw material availability is lagging. Unfortunately, these lags can cost a lot of money in terms of lost productivity and lost potential customers. What can you do? If you are seeking injection molding  Continue Reading »

How to Choose a Type of Rotational Mold and Rotational Mold Maker

Choosing a Type of Rotational Mold and Rotational Mold Maker With some in in rotational molding, the choosing of the type of rotational mold and who to make it is a routine task. “When I need a mold, I go to XYZ and get a cast mold. That’s what I do and that’s the only  Continue Reading »